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Sending an E-Mail

Sending an e-mail is a fairly complex task that is fully automated by the PEE client reference implementation. The foundation is a public-key/private-key setup that allows to get hold of the peers public key for e-mail encryption as well as for mail signature verification. Sending an e-mail requires the following steps:

  1. The user composes a message and hits the Send button.
  2. The system fetches the recipients public identity,
  3. validates the certificate and
  4. checks its revocation state.
  5. The system encrypts the message using symmetric cryptography and encrypts the key using the recipients public key and asymmetric encryption.
  6. The system adds a time-stamp and
  7. creates a digital signature for each part (header, body, attachments).
  8. A multi-part message gets composed and finally sent (anonymously) to the recipients MTA.

What happens when a message gets sent
What happens when a message gets sent