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Change History

12/06/2015: deployed first beta after almost two years development
26/06/2015: fixed a number of GUI related bugs
15/11/2015: fixed bug affecting client certificate renewal, added proxy support
28/05/2017: fixed policy files workaround; introduced JABB; fixed a few bugs
01/11/2017: removed download for server update

Below the source code, latest on top:
peemail_source__V01.07.91.jar - 923 KB
Hint: version 01.07.90 and later are not signed any more; it is simply too expensive to get a code signing certificate considering the fact that this is a non-commercial project.

The jar archive contains the Java source code and has been digitally signed using jarsigner. You can verify the signature using the following command:

$ jarsigner -verify -verbose -certs peemail_source__V01.07.85.jar

which prints information about each artefact and ends with

jar verified.

which indicates that everything is OK. If you get a different result, please send an e-mail to andreas@junius.info